Join Tonic’s Back Office Beta Program

Explore the Next Evolution of Tonic Back Office. As a Beta tester, your insights will be instrumental in refining and enhancing the Tonic POS experience before its official release.

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Joining our Beta Testing Program as an end-user is an exciting opportunity to shape the future of Tonic’s products. Here’s what we expect from our beta testers:

Active Usage: Use the beta product regularly in real-world settings. This helps us identify practical issues and understand the product’s performance in everyday scenarios.

Feedback and Reporting: We value your feedback immensely! Please provide detailed observations, including both the highlights and any challenges or bugs you come across. Constructive and specific feedback is key to helping our developers understand the context and significance of any issues.

Confidentiality: It’s vital to keep beta features confidential, as they often include unreleased aspects of the product. Breaching this confidentiality can be detrimental to our product development.

Patience and Understanding: Remember, beta versions are developmental and might have more quirks than the final product. Your patience with these imperfections is crucial.

Engagement in Discussions: Our beta program includes forums and discussion groups, and your active engagement in these spaces is crucial. Sharing your experiences, tips, and solutions with other testers enriches the entire program, offering invaluable insights for everyone involved.

Adaptability to Updates and Changes: Be prepared for frequent updates as the product evolves, which might include significant changes based on collective feedback.

Willingness to Learn: Given the complexity of some of our new back office features, your eagerness to dive deep and fully understand these aspects is crucial. Embracing this learning curve is key to effectively utilizing and providing feedback on the product.

Your participation as a beta tester is integral to the enhancement of our product before its public release. You provide the real-world insights and feedback that our development team needs.

After submitting your request, our product team will review it and update you on the status of your application.