Tonic Partner Success Hub

Welcome to the Tonic Partner Success Hub, your comprehensive toolkit for a seamless onboarding and successful ongoing partnership with Tonic POS. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to amplify your existing setup, we’ve got the resources you need to elevate your POS experience.

Dive into the sections below to find valuable insights, essential contacts, and game-changing tools tailored for you.

What to Expect During Your Onboarding Process

For both new and seasoned partners, we understand that entering a partnership can come with its share of questions and curiosities.

To clarify what lies ahead, we’ve curated a roadmap to guide you through the next 60-90 days of your Tonic onboarding journey. This detailed list outlines key milestones and resources, offering you a robust understanding of our collaborative process.

While we do adhere to timelines, we recognize the uniqueness of each partnership and provide the flexibility to adjust these timelines based on your comfort and confidence with the Tonic system.


  1. Initial Consultation: Let’s commence with an exploratory call to mutually assess the potential for a successful partnership.
  2. Contract and Demonstration: Upon a favorable initial discussion, we’ll proceed to contract negotiations. A comprehensive software demonstration will be integral to this stage to familiarize you with our capabilities.
  3. Onboarding Introduction: After finalizing the contract, you’ll receive an outreach from a Tonic Onboarding Executive to schedule our Kickoff Call, setting the stage for your successful implementation.
  4. Kickoff Call: During this 30-60 minute session, we will outline the entire onboarding trajectory. Following a positive conclusion, the next step—a lab installation—will be scheduled.
  5. Lab Installation: Conducted over an hour, this guided session led by our onboarding team and technical specialists will involve a remote system installation and answer any queries you may have. Training sessions will be organized immediately following this step.
  6. Comprehensive Training: Our training is structured into three remote sessions, each lasting two hours, typically conducted within a week. Here, you’ll acquire the know-how to set up your system, configure hardware, and much more.
  7. Touch Point Program: After completing the training, you will enter our four-week Touch Point Program. These weekly 30-minute sessions are designed to clarify any questions and ensure you are fully prepared for your go-live.
  8. Go-Live: We will assist in a seamless live implementation of the system at your initial merchant location, backed by our Level 2 support agents. Choose between on-site or remote support to best suit your needs.
  9. Post-Launch Follow-Up: After successful go-live, we initiate a four-week follow-up program. Weekly 30-minute sessions aim to provide ongoing support and address any additional questions you may have.
  10. Partner Experience Handoff: Upon program completion, a transition meeting will be scheduled with Tonic’s Partner Success and Experience Teams. This meeting will formally conclude your onboarding process and delineate next steps for our continued partnership.
  11. Conclusion of Onboarding: At this juncture, you’ll be fully equipped to independently onboard your own clients. Welcome to the Tonic partnership network.

Helpful Phone Numbers and Contacts


Priority Tsys Merchant Support
24×7 Support Line for Your Merchants
(855) 813-5293

Priority FirstData Merchant Support
24×7 Support Line for Your Merchants
(800) 935-5961

Priority Chargeback Department
FirstData: (800) 672-5007
Tsys: (866) 637-5467

Voice Authorizations
Visa, MC, Discover: (800) 228-1122
American Express: (800) 528-2121

Defyne 24×7 Support Line for Your Merchants
(800) 711-5769

CardConnect 24×7 Support Line for Your Merchants
(877) 828-0720

Worldpay 24×7 Support Line for Your Merchants
(800) 859-5965


Pax Technology Support
(904) 900-3741

Dejavoo Support
(877) 358-6797

USA ePay
(866) 227-4828
(888) 323-4289

(215) 997-8989


Tonic Partner Success Team
Onboarding Support | Pre-Go Live Point-of-Sale Software/Hardware Preparation | Product Knowledge | Continued Training
(877) 267-0883

Tonic Point-of-Sale Support
24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week
Post Go Live Hardware | Software and Processing Support
(877) 441-5730

Bold Partner Relationship Team
Training | Assistance with Statement Analysis | Boarding Questions | Reporting and Residual Questions
(877) 515-6464 ext 2

BOLD Support/Implementation
Merchant Setup | Boarding Updates | Hardware Setup | Hardware and Processing Support for Partners
(877) 515-6464 ext 2

Marketing Support
Assistance with Design and Rollout Strategy

Marketing Resources

Tonic POS Client Services

Tonic POS Scheduling

Tonic Mobile POS

Tonic POS Kitchen Video Display

Tonic POS Payments

Tonic POS Inventory

Tonic POS Gift Cards