Why Tonic

Everything Pairs Well With Tonic

For years, business owners in the hospitality space have been between a rock and a hard place.  The rock: impersonal, take-it-or-leave-it solutions provided by big name international startups who don’t understand local needs and love to fire local support and raise prices on a whim. The hard place: DIY software solutions that require loads of time,  technical know-how and reliance on flakey, ad-hoc service providers. Now restaurants, bars and venues no longer have to make that choice. With Tonic, you get an industry-leading product created by a team of restaurateurs and the best software engineers in the business. But unlike other services whose support stops at the plug, with Tonic you’ll have a dedicated local partner who knows how to make the tech work for your neck of the woods. That means solutions, consultation, maintenance and repair are all handled by a professional and not farmed out to a call center half-a-world away.
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Where We Come From

If you could only see where we started, you’d know how far we’ve come. Every restaurant has a couple people who finish their shift, go home and play with computers in their spare time. We are those guys. And when POS software first became integrated into the hospitality business, we quickly realized we could do it better than the tech companies that were getting their first taste of the restaurant business. In the ensuing years, we wrote the code and founded the companies that completely changed the payment processing, point of sale and restaurant tech space. Throughout that time, we’ve stayed close to our roots engaging restaurant owners and our local partners to continually adapt to changes in the landscape.


“Everyone in their organization is sharp and hardworking. But they’re still the type of people I can sit with and have a beer. In fact, we’ve done some of our best work at my bar.”

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