Streamlining Your POS and Inventory Management Systems to Enhance Productivity

Restaurant Productivity

Utilizing your POS and Inventory Management System to improve efficiency should be a top priority for every business owner, especially for restaurant owners in the hospitality industry. Service is key here. Paying attention to productivity levels will assist management in determining the success of the restaurant and whether or not changes are needed to help improve overall output. This article will cover some restaurant tips and a couple of ways your POS system, integrated with a robust inventory management system, can help boost productivity in your establishment and ultimately increase profits. Shouldn’t that be the goal?

Restaurant Productivity

Optimizing Labor Management

A restaurant can only be as good as its front-line service and a great way to ensure good service is to keep your employees happy. When experiencing peak traffic times in your restaurant, it is important to have the correct number of employees staffed. If you aren’t prepared and end up staffing too little, you will begin to stretch your employees too thin which can lead to increased levels of frustration.

On the other hand, staff too many employees and you either end up paying people to stand around or with frustrated employees because of a decreased tip share. It’s a well known fact that having frustrated employees is one of the fastest ways to kill productivity. So, to avoid this drop in productivity, it is important to have a POS system with competent restaurant management software to assist in making these business decisions.

Your POS system is a great tool for enabling confidence in choosing the exact number of employees needed for each shift. The sales data collected by your point of sale system is a great resource to discover trends for the peak times in your restaurant. With this data you can then decide exactly how many employees are needed and when. This will enable increased productivity in your staff and your customers will be happy with the higher quality of service.

    Restaurant Productivity

    Precise Inventory Management

    Another great way to increase productivity is to have a tight control over inventory levels. Being aware and in control of inventory at all times is essential for all restaurants. However, taking inventory can be tedious, time consuming, and the probability of human error rises with each item counted. A practical recommendation for restaurants is to utilize a POS system with a good inventory management system that will help to eliminate waste, avoid shortages, and save time.

    A POS system with good inventory management software will produce data based on historical sales or ingredient usage. The system maintains real-time counts of ingredients and supplies as they’re received and used in orders. This data gives managers updated stock information and enables the ability to make analytical decisions on when/what to purchase and how much. In most cases, labor and inventory makeup over 50% of costs for a restaurant. With this in mind, it is evident that restaurants should pay very close attention to any wasted spending in these areas. We know that restaurant managers and employees have very busy day-to-day schedules and that inventory and labor management is extremely time-consuming. So, having the proper POS software and hardware that can manage labor and inventory, with minimal errors, is an extremely effective way for restaurants to focus on productivity without having to spend too much time on the matter.

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