Introduction: POS Software and Hardware

Navigating the world of POS software and hardware can seem daunting, but you’re not alone. Like every restaurant owner striving for success, it’s crucial to stay updated on the latest trends and technologies. In this blog, we’ll highlight three crucial areas: the current wave of POS trends, cutting-edge features (including payment processors), and standard setups for POS software and hardware.

Overview of POS Software and Hardware

Selecting the perfect POS hardware for your restaurant involves understanding current industry trends. To do this, you must identify the technological choices that other forward-thinking restaurant owners are making. A popular setup for restaurants includes four stationary terminals, complemented by two receipt printers, and a dedicated kitchen printer. 

These terminals, always plugged in, ensure continuous service through a stable ethernet connection. When it comes to printers, there are two primary choices: thermal and impact. While the swift and silent thermal printers excel in front-of-house operations, they’re sensitive to heat, which causes the paper to discolor. This makes the impact printer a top choice in hot kitchen environments; resistant to heat and with a distinct print noise, it effectively notifies the kitchen staff of incoming orders, especially during those peak bustling hours.

Ensuring compatibility between your chosen software and POS hardware is a non-negotiable. Some solutions are tailored for specific operating systems – iOS, Windows, or Android. Your best bet is a POS platform that’s hardware-agnostic, offering the flexibility to work across various devices. Furthermore, cloud integration is no longer a luxury but a necessity. A cloud-connected POS not only safeguards your customer and sales data during power outages but also guarantees continuity during internet downtimes by storing data locally.


Newest Trends and Features: POS Software and Hardware

Restaurant POS Trends

The restaurant industry has navigated through transformative shifts recently. The main priority has predominantly been elevating online delivery capabilities, growing customer loyalty, and seamlessly integrating third-party solutions such as payment processors. Particularly during the challenges of COVID-19, many establishments recognized the essential nature of online ordering to sustain operations. Furthermore, there has also been an increased priority on enhancing customer loyalty. Many restaurant owners are leaning towards POS systems enriched with marketing integrations and gift card functionalities, strategically positioning themselves to captivate and retain a broader customer base.


Modern POS systems are equipped with online ordering capabilities right out of the box, empowering restaurants to seamlessly extend this offering to their customers. Customer loyalty programs have also gained popularity, often rewarding guests based on their engagement, allowing for endless customization possibilities. Gift cards, another pivotal feature in select POS systems, have been streamlined for effortless implementation. Diving into sales data analytics has never been more crucial, and contemporary POS solutions are adept at providing insightful data and guiding restaurant owners toward informed strategic decisions that impact the bottom line. As these marketing and automation tools steadily become indispensable, it’s pivotal to stay ahead of the latest POS offerings.


With your newfound knowledge of POS software and hardware, it’s clear that a versatile hybrid POS system along with a reliable payment processor is the way to go. Contact us today to get even more information on the benefits of having advanced POS software and hardware.